Founded in 2001, Gray Horse Farm (GHF) brings a fresh perspective and approach to the competitive world of riding. Our training team, led by Erin Stewart, daughter of horse expert Don Stewart, and life-long horse expert Lauren Gridley, takes a disciplined yet caring approach to students of all ages. Whether you are new to the sport or experienced, GHF has something for everyone.
Operating out of the one of the premier riding facilities on Long Island, GHF offers lessons for aspiring hunters, jumpers and even polo players. The 115 acre farm is equipped with three outdoor rings, two indoor rings, a Grand Prix field as well as a polo field. All arenas are outfitted with top-of-the-line footing to ensure the best conditions in all weather. 

Ponies and horses are available for lessons, long-term leases and for sale. The team also travels to horse shows across Long-Island, the East Coast and Florida throughout the year. For our show schedule click here.

For young riders we also offer one of the top Pony Camps over the summer. In addition to lessons, riders will learn the ins-and-outs of horsemanship and care. For more information click here

We are open every day of the week, except Wednesdays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, please call us at 203-910-6297


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In 2001 with the help and support of my husband Mark, I left a rewarding career in marketing and opened Gray Horse Farm at our home in Upper Brookville. Our blended family included, Becky, five, Marissa, thirteen, and Daniel, nine. All of us working together, we restored the 1920’s brick barn, refurbished and expanded the old riding ring. Not too soon after, we added another barn and 4 more paddocks. When our Shetland pony named Coco and our semi-retired horse named Fairfield were safely stowed in their new stalls, we were ready for and optimistic about what would turn out to be the best twelve years of our lives.

When the children and I began competing we needed to upgrade our horse inventory. Soon we began importing special jumpers and hunters from Europe. It was fun, and challenging, and not always perfect, but my dream came true: happy children, good horses, and a dedicated trainer. We were blessed.

In 2009, the unthinkable happened. Mark was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Soon after the dreadful discovery he bought me my most treasured horse and I named her Halo. My husband died the next summer. Halo became my angel. I ride her in the adult jumper division and she has taken me safely from the starting tone to the last jump time after time. Halo watches over me at every jump. She gives her heart in every class and never lets me down, a faithful partner. Truly heaven sent.

Facing a new chapter in life, I decided to open a full- service stable in the Hamptons. When I drove up the dirt drive onto the old Clearview Farm on North Main Street in Southampton I knew this was it! In April 2012, I moved into a barn that needed a facelift by a woman who loves hard work. It was like starting anew. I cleaned, repaired, renovated and redecorated. I mended fences and planted gardens; painted the Pony Palace, mowed the tall grass, settled in the horses, blessed the grooms, said a prayer, and opened for business in May 2012.

Erin Stewart


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Erin Riding Lauren Gridley is a rising star among elite Hamptons trainers as she enters her third year running operations for Gray Horse Farm (GHF) in Bridgehampton. Having grown up on a farm where her family bred horses, Lauren has a natural understanding of horses – their needs, preferences, and quirks. This intuition gives her an edge inside and outside the show ring where she trains and has competed herself in everything from the hunters and jumpers to cross-country and even competitive polo. Lauren’s diverse experience makes her one of the most knowledgeable and trusted trainers on the East End of Long Island. Lauren teaches her students how to adapt, think quickly, and prepare their horses thoroughly. Whether you are just learning the fundamentals or are a seasoned competitor, Lauren is an accommodating and thoughtful trainer who makes riding approachable and enjoyable. Her philosophy is rooted in building a trusting relationship between horse and rider. As she says, she “loves horses that are a ‘bit of a project.’ There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a horse and rider team come together and shine.”

Lauren is looking forward to another fun-filled summer at GHF, which is currently located at Two Trees on 849 Hayground Road just around the corner from the Hampton Classic showgrounds. She has a wonderful string of horses and ponies, available for sale, lease, or lesson packages, that meet the needs of all riders. She also offers beginner polo lessons. For young riders under the age of 12, Lauren also operates GHF's pony camp, where aspiring equestrians will learn the essentials of excellent horse care and training. Come visit her at the barn or give call her at 203-910-6297 to set up an introduction.

Erin Riding



Erin Rivas


Erin Stewart
1 Hour Private $185
1/2 Hour Private $155
Non Boarding Clients includes school horse.
Annual Board $2,250
Monthly Board  
• October-May $2,250
• June-September $2,600
Sales Tax is charged on all board.
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Monthly Training (year round boarders) $750
Monthly Training (summer boarders) $850
Local $200
Away $200.00 per day when competing.
$125.00 per day non-competing days
• Housing and tack stalls shared by number of horses.
• Entries, initial bedding, braiding, professional rides, medications, and shipping will be billed at cost.
Body Clipping $175
Magnetic Blanket $50
• Stable Supplies shared by number of Horses.
• Outside lessons, professional rides and clinics at cost.


Pony Camp

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Sign up now to reserve your space for 2023

Camp Dates – June 13 – August 22
Tuesday – Friday, 9am – 1pm

•  Skilled & friendly trainers
• All levels of riders welcome
• 5 years and older
• After camp private lessons available

For more information call:
Download the registration form: Download Form
Pony Camp Pony Camp
Pony Camp Pony Camp